At the beginning of the spiritually uplifting book: The Meaning of Life, the author points out that perfection, in and of itself, is not perfect unless it occurs strictly by chances and never by choices or by God for He would or could never take a chance. What this means for the individual, is that since each individual is made up of such a complex and diverse set of needs which must be properly addressed for each person to live happy and content at any given moment; there is no way anyone can be perfect. This means that God never expected us to be perfect, just imperfectly imperfect. Imperfectly imperfect is defined as the process of not being perfect all the time. And this is not the same as saying we should always be the best we can be because we cannot always be expected to be at our best and we will always make mistakes. But what this is saying is that we should always be willing to make sacrifices in our lives so that our lives will always grow, prosper, and bear fruit. Now, later, in the chapter entitled: And then there was one, the author describes the different needs of the human being. He does this by dividing the human being into five distinct parts. 1) The Body- the part of us that needs to eat, drink, and have a need for shelter to stay warm or cool. And finally, a need to procreate and stay healthy. 2) The Mind- the part of us that allows us to be rational or to think. This part gives us the ability to learn and to adapt to different situations and environments. 3) The Heart- the part of us that allows us to love persons, places, or things. This brings about the desire to communicate. It also, brings about a need to have compassion for others and their property or lack thereof. 4) The Soul- this is the part of us that really separates us from everyone else (along with your Spirit). This is where your likes and dislikes are determined, your strengths and weaknesses, and your sense of right and wrong are determined. 5) The Spirit- the part of us that god uses to feed us information to teach us the right approach and/or direction to use in all situations; and it will never lead you wrong. But no one teaches us how to use it. Usually, you must learn how on your own over time. From this part we learn to respect God, ourselves, others, and everything in our environment. Now, we can form a better understanding of the story of Adam and Eve in the beginning. Whenever God creates something that is living it is considered perfect or at least imperfectly imperfect (in which is perfect in God’s eye). But in order survive it must reproduce itself; but must wait until it fully matures before it does so because if does not it cannot evolve to be as great as it was intended, and therefore, runs into the risk of extinction. Now, of the five parts of the human being the Body or flesh is always the weakest link. The Soul is next because it cannot become fully developed until after adulthood. If the Body is corrupted or damaged before it reaches adulthood it will prevent the Soul from ever developing properly and therefore infect the whole human being. The only way to remedy this is to, first, restore the body back to its original state but this can only be done after its death. This is what God meant when He told Adam that if he ate the forbidden fruit he would surely die. Before they ate the forbidden fruit there was no death, no sin, and no Hell. By eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve were questioning whether God knew what He was doing. This is the biggest sin of all because you must all ways respect the fact God always knows what is best. As a result, we were, in a sense, cut off from God until Jesus died for our sins. Because everything God creates is perfect, He cannot just recreate it or destroy it but must just let it reproduce itself in like kind and then work to restore it upon its death. Always remember God can never make a mistake and must always let everything evolve at its own pace. God will never rush you, so, you should never try to rush Him. So, since Adam and Eve could not wait until they became adults to eat the forbidden fruit, God new He had to come up with another way to teach us how to make sacrifices in our lives. And from this we would learn how to use, take care of, and appreciate what He has freely and abundantly given us, so we would not just survive but thrive. God wants us all to be happy and content and live with an inner peace and joy that can only come from Him. Now, the author, in the chapter called: The moral of this story, goes on to describe how Adam and Eve were redeemed by God and invited back home for thanksgiving after they learned their lessons well and earned His respect. Now, what we must do is figure out how to earn God’s respect so that He will redeem us as well. What we must do is stop depending on our own understanding and confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. Then reconcile ourselves before God by learning how to follow our own God given spirit and God unconditionally. What will happen then is He will justify us by getting into our hearts and minds to restore them to a pre-sin state. After this He will complete us by giving us all the answers, all the questions, and then help us match them up all the way to the point where we can almost without thought or hesitation explain the meaning of life and salvation to anyone who will listen. Then we will experience an inner peace and joy that we may never fully understand nor want to because if we did, we would just know we would do something to mess things up. This is truly the best and easiest way to get God to redeem you! Life, salvation, much like education, was always meant to be challenging but yet not difficult. What this means is that if we do the work and follow God’s will, when judgement day comes and we approach the gates of heaven, we will be assured of hearing God greet us by saying: “Welcome my children, job well done!” and not “Sorry, but you are too late.” AMEN!

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