The Meaning of Life is a unique and different take on life itself and the way GOD intended us to live it. Life teaches us that we have many choices or no choice at all. We can chose to believe in GOD or not to believe in GOD. You can chose to believe in yourself or not to believe in yourself. You can believe in something or you can believe in nothing. But we should always choose life over death. If life has no meaning then there is really no reason to live. We should always try to live life to the fullest. GOD is the reason why we live, but how we live is totally up to us.

The Meaning of Life is a true story; not necessarily because it’s about true things but because of what it teaches you about life. Life is about choices and what this book does is help you to make the right choices for you good or bad, right or wrong. Ultimately, you will have to make and take responsibility for your own decisions in life. What this book does is help you navigate through your choices and through life. And remember your decisions do not only affect you but everyone around you. How can you truly be happy if everyone around you is unhappy?

The ultimate goal of The Meaning of Life is to help everyone who reads it discover his or her purpose in life. Congratulations! you have just discovered The Meaning of Life. Now please tell all of your friends and loved ones. Thank you and enjoy!

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“Perfection, in and of itself, is not perfect unless it occurs strictly by chances and never by choices or by GOD for HE could never take a chance. Imperfectly Imperfect- the only way we can be perfect is to not be perfect all the time.”

“Salvation was always meant to be challenging but yet not difficult. For once you get to the point where you ask GOD to let you go, HE will complete you by giving you all the questions, all the answers, and then help you match them up.”

“The moral of this story is; we should try and learn how to do the things we do best and let GOD handle the rest. All we have to do is follow our own GOD given Spirit and learn from our mistakes for your own Spirit will never lead you wrong.”

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