Gerald Frierson

Gerald G. Frierson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University. He also graduated from the PJA Paralegal School. It is during this education that he developed his unique and clever writing style. As a writer, he plans to use this ability to help him get the most out of life and by helping others do the same. He also plans to use his copywriting ability to help any organization, business, or individual who chooses to hire him. He will use his knowledge of writing and marketing, and how businesses should run to help them better market their products or service. His objective is to help individuals better match their skill set to the needs of prospective employers and, at the same time, help small businesses better market their product or service. The end result will help everyone get the most out of life.

This is a life’s work for Mr. Frierson and The Meaning of Life is his first book.

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