The Meaning of Life is about having choices and taking responsibilities for the decisions we make. This book reminds us to choose life over death and to live life to the fullest. GOD is the reason why we live, but how we live is totally up to us.


Gerald G. Frierson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University. He also graduated from the PJA Paralegal School. It is during this education that he developed his unique and clever writing style. This is a life’s work for Mr. Frierson and his first book.

Author’s Blog

The Authors’ lounge believes that The Meaning of Life is different than most books about life in that it is not overly concerned about telling you “what” you should do to live a good life. The author is more concerned with “how” and “why” you do things you do in life to be happy. You can choose to do whatever you want to do in life. Afterall, GOD will forgive you for any transgression you do except suicide. And that is only because you cannot ask for forgiveness if you are dead. But once you figure out how and why you should do something figuring “what” to do is only a matter of application. “What” is the specific task or action to be performed. “How” is the manner of which way you perform that specific task or action. And “why” is your motivation to perform a specific task or action.

The Meaning of Life is a book about life. Life teaches us that we have many choices or no choice at all. What “The Meaning of Life” does, in a unique way, is go through all the parameters we should use when making decisions and deriving meaning from life. First, the book starts off by pointing out that none of us are perfect. But that we are all imperfectly imperfect. This is the process of not being perfect all the time. So, what we must realize, in making our decisions and deriving meaning from life is that not all our decisions are going to lead to desired outcomes. We all make mistakes; all we can do is try and learn from them and try to get better.

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